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Naše firma se podílí na řešení řady výzkumných projektů v oboru geoinformatiky.

IST 2000-28077 Premathmod

Its key goal was to improve data access and data analysis process in the precision farming technology. It focused on new and improved farming systems and their associated support tools. It was based on the implementation of modern informatics tools for agriculture precision farming practice, data storage and data access based on metadata technology, new Open GIS (Geographical Information system) tools and new advisory data sources as very high resolution satellite data. End user testing and evaluation was a fundamental activity. significant infrastructure and/or major items of technical equipment, relevant to the proposed work

IST 1999-21056 Wirelessinfo

Had the ambition to implement advanced wireless communications into multimedia systems and services for agriculture and forest administrations to improve access to agriculture and forest information compared to existing systems. It was oriented on the connection of GIS platforms with wireless communication, demonstrated on six solutions for agri-forestry practices. It was grounded Internet solution and spatial tools for wireless communication.


EGDI – European Geological
Data Infrastructure

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